To operate in a secured environment is no longer an operational requirement for a 21st century organization. It has become a business continuation, branding image, and ultimately a survival issue. With growing threats both from outside as well as inside, from malicious as well as unintentional usage there are growing threats. Fast-paced technology is creating new vulnerabilities, and globalization of business posing unforeseen challenges. Exploiting e-business opportunities require risk mitigation in shared services space and unruly cyberspace. Businesses are looking for secured ways to exploit the new media such as wireless, social networks, and cloud computing.

Our approach to the fast changing landscape of information security requirement is simple. First and foremost, we maintain a current and deep knowledge base. We keep you business interests in the center, and assess the risk to your most valuable assets such as: sensitive data and business critical infrastructure. Keeping in mind your existing controls and vulnerabilities, we optimize you info-security investment by designing and architecting additional controls that provide you maximum milage for your bucks. We believe in providing a layered security infrastructure for you that provides right controls at people, process and technology levels, thus maximizing value.

To summarize, our approach is two steps:

  • Knowing the prevailing into-security landscape, and keeping your business and business asset in mind, we assess your business risk.
  • Leveraging industry standards, regulations, and benchmarks, and using Contentify's use cases and control templates, we provide layered security infrastructures to maximize value for your business.